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Obtaining and maintaining profitable managed care contracts and managing those contracts on an ongoing basis is the proven method to maximize your patient revenue streams.  

Managed Care Contracting


Strategic Health Care Managed Care has a successful record in finalizing competitive contracts for providers of all types and specialties throughout the country.


Proposed and/or existing payor contract language and rates by payor, lines of business and/or product.Leveraging our library of best practice language options, we make sure that the terms of the agreement are equitable and fair.

Determine payer outreach plan based on current contract positions and market research.Innovative models of care don’t always fit the standard payor network mold.Strategic Health Care’s relationships with national and local plans help us to navigate the onboarding process effectively to share your unique value with the plan decision makers.


Strategic leveraging of client’s unique strengths to emphasize service value to payors.While the client is always in the driver’s seat, Strategic Health Care will share all options for approach and negotiation based on market position and service type to ensure that your services are appropriately valued.


Achieve favorable language and rates on behalf of client to maximize reimbursement and ease of implementing day to day operations of contract terms. Strategic Health Care will manage the day to day discussions with the plans, freeing up time for you and your office staff to care for your patients.


Tracking of compliance related to contract terms and rates.Contract implementation is not the final step in the process.Strategic Health Care provides support to ensure that contracts are implemented correctly, and to provide administrative support if and when contractual issues arise.

Managed Care Support

In addition to limited contracting engagements, Strategic Health Care’s team can act as your organization’s internal managed care department on a long-term basis.Utilizing our contracting team in this manner is more cost effective than hiring in house staff and allows you and your team to focus on core business activities.

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