Carolyn Roten

Partner of Strategic Health Care

Carolyn heads the Network Development and Managed Care contracting divisions of Strategic Health Care. With over thirty years of experience in the health care industry, Carolyn and her team provide managed care contracting services to a wide array of health care providers including hospitals, physicians, ambulatory surgery centers, specialty hospitals, home care agencies, skilled nursing facilities, infusion therapy companies, HME organizations, hospices and transportation companies. The Managed Care division is responsible for researching target markets, RFP completion, in-depth contract review, all aspects of contract negotiations, and implementation of the final agreement. ​ Carolyn’s experience and expertise in network development and contracting is coupled with her knowledge of the health insurance industry. Previously, she was employed by the health insurance division of a national insurance carrier. ​ Carolyn has held offices with the Ohio Continuum of Care Council, Continuity of Care Coordinators, and has served on the advisory boards of several health care providers.

Our Team Members

Tiffany Wermter

Director of Managed Care Credentialing

Grant Swemba

Vice President, Contracting and Alternative Payment Initiatives

Katy Smith

Vice President of Contracting and Analytics

Stephanie Bartels

Credentialing and Contracting Consultant

Arlene Jaroscak

Vice President of Network Management and Quality

Jennifer Castore

Director of Contracting and Client Compliance

Patrick Teynor

Managed Care Credentialing and Contracting Manager

Carly Draeger

Manager of Contracting & Process Development

Jody Forkapa

Credentialing Consultant

Sam Gizzi

Associate Contracting Consultant