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We offer Revenue Cycle Optimization services to help evaluate and identify areas of opportunity in your Revenue Cycle.  This helps ensure you're not leaving money on the table.

Optimize every revenue stream for long term stability.

As any provider trying to navigate the complex world of managed care reimbursement will tell you, meeting the requirements of the health plan while maintaining overhead costs is a delicate balancing act that must be performed daily.


In order to manage costs – which directly impact pricing - providers must ensure that they are bringing in all revenue due and owing to cover the costs of providing top quality care.  Providers must ensure that they are adequately managing administrative policy requirements while not overly investing too much FTE overhead and effort so that the revenue they recover can be added back to the bottom line rather than being churned through collection expense.


Our revenue cycle experts will perform an onsite visit; meeting with members of your team and gaining an understanding of your current operational processes to identify pain points and areas of opportunity


All observations are compiled and analyzed using industry best practices and a personalized implementation plan is prepared


While outsourcing some revenue cycle operations is the best plan of action for some providers; self-sufficiency should be, and is, the goal 90% of the time.  Your personalized implementation plan will include suggested metrics for ongoing performance evaluation so that you can continue your improvement efforts long after our engagement has ended.


We’re here to support you through your communication and roll-out efforts.  There are several departments and processes involved in the revenue cycle continuum, and all must be involved and engaged in the improvement efforts for the results to be fully realized.

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